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Crime Stoppers will not take tips from victims. If you are one, report directly to the nearest Police Department in your area, or, in the case of an emergency, or a crime in progress, please call 911.


On January 25, 2006 Crime Stoppers programs around the province of Ontario launched a new initiative called “Seniors Crime Stoppers.” This program targets one of society’s fastest growing populations – seniors - and not only encourages members of the public to call their local Crime Stoppers program with information on crimes committed against the elderly, but also educates seniors about how they can use Crime Stoppers to keep their communities safer.

Chairperson of Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk and Tillsonburg Ken Schaus says, “Crime Stoppers realizes that seniors are one of our most vital resources and as such we want to make sure they are aware of what Crime Stoppers can do for them.” He added, “This initiative is two fold. Firstly, it will serve to make seniors aware that they can benefit from using the Crime Stoppers anonymous tipsline to report any information on illegal activity and secondly, it will also aim to raise awareness about crimes committed against the elderly.”

The program was originally started by Toronto Crime Stoppers several years ago in an attempt to make seniors aware of the program and its benefits and to help raise awareness about seniors’ issues. In order for the program to be circulated province-wide, the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers (OACS) partnered with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to receive $16,200 in funding through the Ministry’s Safer Communities Grant program. The partnership was formally launched on January 25, 2006.

The resulting educational DVD is currently being used by all 38 Crime Stoppers programs in the province to help inform seniors about Crime Stoppers and such topics as fraud, elder abuse and neglect. The DVD contains a comprehensive explanation of how the Crime Stoppers program works and three vignettes depicting scenarios in which seniors are typically victimized.

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