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Crime Stoppers will not take tips from victims. If you are one, report directly to the nearest Police Department in your area, or, in the case of an emergency, or a crime in progress, please call 911.

Tom Stackhouse Memorial Award Winners


Norfolk Disposal

Norfolk Disposal was honoured for their commitment to Crime Stoppers and safer communities through their participate in the program's annual document shredding events which are held annually in Simcoe, Tillsonburg and Caledonia.


Helga and Manfred Broecheler, Broecheler Inn

Helga and Manfred Broecheler, Broecheler Inn in Haldimand were honoured for their commitment to Crime Stoppers at the program’s annual Spring Gala dinner and auctions. This event is one of Crime Stoppers’ largest fundraisers and raises thousands of dollars for the program.


Paul Davis Systems

Paul Davis Systems has partnered with Crime for many years. Their support of the program began over 10 years ago when they joined forces with Crime Stoppers at our annual golf tournament and the golf balls have been flying ever since! Each year, the company donates thousands of dollars worth of golf balls to our tournament, helping to ensure that almost 150 golfers have a great day.  Because Crime Stoppers relies on private fundraising efforts for its existence, this kind of support is vital to success of the tournament and our program in general.


Central Erie and Haldimand Insurance Brokers Associations

The Central Erie and Haldimand Insurance Brokers Associations have supported the Crime Stoppers program for over 21 years. Their support began when a few members of these groups joined forces with Crime Stoppers to found what has become one of our program’s most successful fundraisers – the annual golf tournament. Members of both brokers associations have helped organize and support the annual golf tournament each year since its inception. This tournament usually raises over $10,000 each year for Crime Stoppers because of their support and assistance.  Because Crime Stoppers relies on private fundraising efforts for its existence, these funds are vital to the continued success of the program.


Ad Plus Promotions

Ad Plus Promotions is a proud Norfolk business and has been an outstanding support of the Crime Stoppers program for many years. Ad Plus sponsors almost all of the planned Crime Stoppers fundraisers and they use their expertise to help promote the crime fighting program in new and innovative ways. This keeps the Crime Stoppers phone number and web address on the fore-front and helps to spread the word so that members of the community need to look no further than a pen, magnet or other promotional item to find the ever so important 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) and information.


Moose 92.9 FM

This Haldimand radio station was honored for their outstanding support of the Crime Stoppers program over the past several years. Not only does the station help promote the program on an ongoing basis, but in 2009 The Moose approached Crime Stoppers with a unique idea on how to reach their clients. The resulting initiative has become known as the “Crime Stoppers Minute” and sees crime prevention tips being aired several times daily to listeners in an attempt to make their community safer. The segment changes weekly and is designed to educate people on how to protect themselves from becoming the next victim of a crime. The “Crime Stoppers Minute” has been recognized provincially and internationally; and has even been used as a template for the creation of a partnership between one of The Moose’s north sister stations and its local Crime Stoppers program.


Erie Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Serving as the major sponsor for Crime Stoppers’ Annual Spring Gala, Erie Mutual Fire Insurance Company has given its financial commitment to the program for the past decade. The company also goes above and beyond the call of duty for this event and also works to include the crime fighting program into numerous community events. Erie Mutual also serves to educate the public about the crime fighting program by including correspondence to clients. Erie Mutual is constantly looking for new ways to assist the program and make communities safer for all.  


Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company

The dedication that Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company has shown to Crime Stoppers over the couple decades is definitely why this Simcoe area business was chosen as this year’s Tom Stackhouse Memorial Award winner. Not only does Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company support Crime Stoppers fundraising initiatives such as the program’s annual spring gala and golf tournament, but the company also goes above and beyond and on several occasions has even hosted monthly board meetings for the crime fighting program. Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company also serves as one of the key sponsors of one of Crime Stoppers travelling billboards – its highly visible Crime Stoppers’ decaled Ford Focus. This vehicle is driven throughout the program’s coverage area not only advertising the program’s 1-800-222-TIPS and website, but also reminding residents that Crime Stoppers has a presence each and every day in the communities that it works so hard to protect.


CD 98.9 FM

CD 98.9 FM has gone above and beyond for Crime Stoppers not only in 2007, but since the program’s inception 20 years ago. The station has supported numerous Crime Stoppers events over the years including all of Crime Stoppers’ fundraisers and hundreds of dollars each month are dedicated to promoting CS as they work to educate the public about our crime fighting team on a daily basis. It is because of CD 98.9 FM’s commitment that the public has a better understanding of how the program works and how individuals can participate to help make their community safer. The support of CD 98.9 FM has not only been shown to the Crime Stoppers program, but because of the station’s community based focus, many other programs have been able to flourish in the area as well.


Scotiabank, Simcoe

Although Crime Stoppers was fortunate to receive sponsorship from many area businesses at all different levels throughout 2006, when deciding the recipient of this award, there was one organization that came to everyone’s mind.

Scotiabank, Simcoe has proven itself time and time again to be one of Crime Stoppers of Haldimand, Norfolk and Tillsonburg’s main corporate supporters. This support existed throughout 2006 and beyond for the past several years and includes things like sponsoring the local Jail or Bail fundraiser and annual golf tournament. Uniquely this support is not only limited to Crime Stoppers, but to many other organizations in our communities. Because of this support, programs like Crime Stoppers and many others have been able to flourish making our community a better place for everyone.